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SSD HDD Data Recovery in Adelaide / SA

SSD HDD Data Recovery in Adelaide / SA

SSD Data Recovery Adelaide

Almost all the new Laptops / Computers comes with SSD. These are some of the SSD types available now.

1. SSD Hard disk


3. SATA - m.2


4. NVM2E

Please contact us for a free pickup. If you are located outside Adelaide, please be in touch with us.

What are the common symptoms/signs of SSD failure?


Not detected / recognized by the Computer

 How much does it cost?

We are trying to be affordable in data recovery market.  Our price starts from $150 and we will give you exact quote once we have examined your Device.

What causes hard drive  to fail?

The most common cause of SSD failures are  :

Bad Blocks

Software/ Logical problems

Failure of Electronic components such as PCBs, Flash/Storage, Flash cache or  memory chip issues.

Physical Damage such as accidentally dropping a drive or laptop

Heat / Water Damage

How can we recover your data from your Hard disk ?

We have very advanced tools which includes combination of software and hardware. One such tool we use in our lab is PC-3000 UDMA which is a gold standard in data recovery industry. Also we have many other precision ,quality expensive tools such as head replacement tools, softwares, and PCB Boards, Loan Hard drives etc.

What do I do incase if I suspect/encounter SSD Failure?

Please do not use the SSD as it may cause more serious issues

Contact us to get your files back.

How long will it take to recover my data?

Data recovery is labor intensive and sometimes slow processing job. It really depends on what was the cause of the issue. If it is logical / software issues we can recover your data in 2-5 days(depends upon how big your data is ). Often SSDs need software plugins / logical boards. We have most of the spare parts with us. IHowever if we don't have, we may have to source it from different countries.

We are transparent and will update you the process throughout the process. We will give you approximate quote if we are sourcing parts for you.

How can I pay ?

We have multiple payment options

Online  Secure payment on this website.




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