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Affordable, Professional , Hard Drive Data Recovery Adelaide

Adelaide Data recovery can recover data from any branded Hard disk Drive. Be it a logical or software issue, firmware issue,  or complex mechanical repairs such as replacing head we will put our maximum efforts to recover data from your Hard disk.


We have the proper advanced tools and expertise to recover data from your Hard disk Drive. We are trying to fit ourselves to be an affordable data recovery service provider with high quality professional tools and workmanships.


We continuously invest in our facilities and tools so we can always has a great chance of hard drive Data recovery.

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​We can recover data from all Brands and all interfaces like SAS, IDE, SATA. We are here to help you to get your data back. 

Also we can recover data from Internal  and External (2.5 inch & 3.5 inch) Hard drives.

How much would hard disk data recovery cost?

We are trying to be affordable data recovery provider. Our prices starts from $150 and we will give you the exact quote after initial diagnosis of your hard drive.

Pls click here to see our rough cost.

Why Adeliade Data Recovery

  • Affordable, professional Data recovery

  • Adelaide Based Lab for quick turnaround.

  • We do only data recovery – No computer / laptop repairs.

  • Certified, Experienced Data recovery professionals.

  • Satisfied customers. Pls see our google and facebook reviews from our customers.

  • Free Pickup and Delivery(within 20kms of Adelaide CBDs)

  • We use the best tools in Data recovery industry

  • Secure and confidential.

  • Have latest tools and equipments which increases the success rate of Hard drive Data recovery

  • 'No Data , No fee' Policy *



What to do  incase if HDD Failure is suspected?

​Please do not use the Hard disk drive as it may cause more harm to the drive. If you are trying to use a software tool, for instance, on  a head damaged hard drive multiple times it may cause more damage on the disk which would complicate / reduce the success rate of  hard disk data recovery process. 

Why does hard drive fail?

Hard drives fail for various reasons, below are  some of the most common reasons behind Hard disk failure.

  • Mechanical problems such as motors, head failure,

  • Electronics issue such as board failure

  • Electrical surge

  • Water / Liquid damage

  • Firmware/software corruption

  • Accidental file/folder/partition deletion.

  • Unintentional physical damage to the drives

  • Media damage due to head / internal damage.

Adelaide Data Recovery has best chance of hard drive data recovery. We are specialist in internal hard drive data recovery and external hard drive data recovery.

How can we recover your data from your Hard disk ?

There is no one right method to recover data from Hard drives. Every Hard disk data recovery  process in unique. Each case is different and we have various tools and procedures  for every situation so we have highest chance to recover files from hard drive.

Adelaide data recovery has very advanced tools which includes combination of software and hardware. One such tool we use in our lab is PC-3000 UDMA which is a gold standard in the data recovery industry. Also we have many other precision, quality expensive tools such as head replacement tools, softwares, and PCB Boards, DonorHard drives etc.

Hard drive Data recovery service needs exact/precision tools ,  spares such as donor drives, unlocked electronic boards and precision tools. While we have most of the tools available with us and we need to source some parts at times. We have vast network of suppliers within and outside Australia. We source our quality spares / tools efficiently and quickly in a cost effective method which increases the success rate of Hard drive Data recovery.

What are my chances of recovering data?

In most cases Full / Partial data can be recoverable on the following symptoms

  •  Not detected / unknown file systems

  •  Can’t see files / partitions

  •  Liquid / Water damaged Hard disk

  •  Burnt Electronic Boards due to power surge / any other reason

  •  Bad sectors

  •  Hard disk is making Noise(beep / click / tick   - pls do not plug in the hard drive if the hard disk is making noise as it may cause more damage)

  •  Not powering on or no activity

  •  Reading very slow.

  • It is usually difficult to recover data from the following issues

  •  The sectors are written over after format / deletion.

  •  If the media or platter is severely damaged

  •  If the  ROM/BIOS Chip is corrupted/burnt


How long will it take to recover the  data?

Some of our competeitors charge premium for quick hard drive data recovery. However we don’t. We always try to provide what the client needs with affordable price. We have provided data to the customer back after recovery on the same day and on next day in many emregency cases without any additional cost. However it always may not be possible if the nature of problem is complex and some hard drive data recovery may take a while to even diagnose.

​Data recovery is labour intensive and slow processing job. It really depends on what was the cause of the issue. If it is logical / software / firmware issues we can recover your data in 1-5 days(depends upon how big your data is and how fast the data can  be read). In case of mechanical issues, it really depends on availability  of parts. We have many donor hard drives with us. However if we don't have, we may have to source it from different places. We will discuss the options with the customer.

We are transparent and will update you the progress throughout the process. We will give you approximate quote if we are sourcing parts for you.

What hard are the types /brands supported by Adelaide Data Recovery?

We carryout Hard disk data recovery from  all brands and of all interfaces. The following are some of the recoveries carryout in our facilities

Windows hard drive data recovery

Mac Book Hard drive Data Recovery

Apple Hard drive Data Recovery

Internal Hard disk Data Recovery

​External Hard disk Data recovery

*While we dont charge any labour if we dont recovery data, however sometimes ther would be charges apply if we order spare parts exclusively for the customer

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