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How much does Data Recovery Cost in Adelaide?

Like our process, we kept our pricing also simple and affordable. Below is just a guide and we will provide exact price after initial inspection. Our Certified Data Recovery Engineer can provide approx. Quote based on the symptom. Pls call us on 1300 171 249

Level 1

$150- $400

Deleted Files/ Partitions

File Format / Logical problems

Basic Data Backup / Recovery Service

Lost files / Partitions

Level 2


Slow reading issue

PCB / ROM issue

Head Struckup

Firmware related issues

Water Damage

Head Struckup

Fired / Burnt PCBs

No response

Input port damaged / Not working

Level 3


Head replacement

Level 3 Water Damage

Level 3 PCB repair

Forensic RAW Recoveries

All other Level 3 repairs

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